Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

EMA Fund featured as heroic organization on RH Reality Check!

Sarah Morton, EMA Fund volunteer and president of our board of directors, submitted the EMA Fund to RH Reality Check’s Heroines and Heroes of 2010. We were so excited to be featured in this year’s list! Here’s an excerpt from Sarah’s submission:

“My hero/ines of reproductive and sexual justice, rights, health, and dignity for 2010 are the volunteers of the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund. In the face of an economic slump that has been devastating to many people seeking to pay for their abortions, a political climate that has encouraged progressives and radicals to move to the middle as a “compromise,” the assassination of Dr. Tiller, and the continued devaluation of women, girls, trans people, and our reproductive rights during the attempt to pass a universal health care bill; the EMA Fund has grown, transformed, and continued to reinvent itself with passion and dignity.”

Read the rest of Sarah’s submission and check out who else RH Reality Check is featuring for 2010 on their website. Interested in volunteering with the EMA Fund? Click here for info.

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