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About the EMA Fund


What is the EMA Fund?

The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund is your local abortion fund that works to ensure that all people living in or traveling to eastern Massachusetts have access to abortion.

The EMA Fund

Access to abortion is a matter of social justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, fairness, and human rights.

The EMA Fund provides people with funding and practical support to access abortion care. We help them get onto MassHealth quickly or find doctors that will take their insurance. We negotiate with abortion providers, and we pay for callers’ bus or train tickets, car rides, hotels, childcare, and translation services.

We focus on our Eastern Massachusetts community but recognize that the work we do has a ripple effect that furthers the larger movement for reproductive justice.

  Statement of Purpose

The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund provides funding and practical support to people who live in, or are having abortions in, Eastern Massachusetts. Additionally, the EMA Fund reduces social and economic barriers to abortion care through movement building, advocacy, and education.

  Our Vision

The EMA Fund envisions a world where every person has the right to bodily self determination including the means to access an abortion or carry a pregnancy to term without social or economic barriers. We envision a world where every person has the right to determine their own future.


The EMA Fund recognizes that barriers to abortions disproportionately impact communities. We work to ensure access for all people of any gender identity and expression, age, language, race, income, ability, citizenship, immigration status, size, location, number of abortions, sexuality, marital status, political affiliation, length of pregnancy, religion, family size, class, ethnicity, veteran status, and for people who are in the military or prison.

Our Values

The following values guide all fundraising, programmatic, and organizational decisions and actions for the EMA Fund:

As part of our ongoing transformation process, we felt it necessary to redefine and reaffirm the values that drive the EMA Fund. These values drive our vision and our programs, and are considered fundamental to all that we do at EMA. We believe these values are critical and non-negotiable in establishing a reproductive justice lens to our work and pushing beyond reproductive health. We see these values as both the why and the how. We believe that strengthening our values allows us to find our strengths in our work.

In this process, we deliberately moved away from considering operational policies values, and asked ourselves hard questions about what problematic structures, especially racist ones, might be underpinning some of them. We have made a conscious effort now to define our values and ourselves by what we are, rather than what we aren’t.


We believe that every person has a right to an abortion, for any reason. We believe that every person is the expert in their own life and we want all people to be able to make their own decisions without judgment, shame, or barriers to access.


We must be answerable to each other, to the community we serve, and to our stakeholders, both in terms of what principles we uphold and work towards and the actual, concrete results of our actions, regardless of intentions. We have a moral responsibility to reduce harm, to treat everyone with dignity and compassion, and to listen and to learn when we’re told we have failed in that responsibility.

Collective Power/Movement Building

We can create the greatest change as a community of individuals and organizations working towards the same goals. Power to break down systems of oppression comes from our combined voices, which as individuals we would not have. We recognize that our actions and goals will intersect with other organizations and community groups, and we make space to consider how we can further their missions or partner with them.


We recognize that systemic and historical oppression calls for more than a push for mere equality, but rather a movement towards remedying imbalances of power and systems of oppression. We aim to center our work around making a more equitable world and meeting the needs of those we serve, and we acknowledge that equity goes beyond the needs of each individual to those of communities as a whole. We believe that equity is key to justice, and entails each of us getting what we need to thrive.


We recognize that inequitable access to healthcare, including abortion care, is tied to overlapping forms of oppression such as racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. We specifically commit to the ongoing work it takes to be an anti-racist organization. “We recognize that systemic racism, through decades of policies and practices that continue to this day, has benefited white people and harmed people of color. We understand systemic racism is a root cause of the persistent economic, political, social, and health disparities facing communities of color. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and other organizations working for justice, respect, and dignity for communities of color.”
(Credit to https://nwaafund.org/about/ for this framing.)


We affirm the humanity of ourselves and of others and that we have a responsibility to treat everyone with respect and care. Compassion is how we establish our process of advocating for ourselves and others in order to communicate, learn, decide, and serve in abundance, with accountability, and without stigma. Compassion is an intentional atmosphere we create to hold space for the way change happens.

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