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Get Involved


We Want You!

Our organization can be stronger and smarter with your help.

There are many ways to get involved with the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund and start helping to fund abortion today. You can donate, become a volunteer activist, or apply for our board of directors.

Join Our Board

Our board application is currently closed. If you have questions for our board of directors, please email ask@emafund.org.

Become a Volunteer

Currently we are not accepting applications for new volunteers. Please reach out to volunteer@emafund.org if you have any questions.

Most of our volunteers take one-week shifts working with the people who call the EMA Fund – these shifts generally occur once every few months. One of our volunteers has called this the “fuzzy slipper work” – it’s what you do from your sofa, on your own time. In addition to working with callers, many of our volunteers plan events, write articles for our newsletter, design posters, do our taxes, run trainings, and come up with creative and amazing projects to coordinate. We frequently come together as a group to network, play games, rant, listen to amazing speakers, and eat ice cream.


Every spring the EMA Fund holds our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Triathlon (no running, swimming, or biking involved). The Triathlon is a team fundraising event that is part of a nationwide campaign, Bowl-a-Thon, to fund abortion and build power. This annual campaign demonstrates the power of fundraising as a political act that redistributes wealth and privately funds abortions that should be covered no matter where folks live, what insurance they have or how much money they make. This event is a testament to how small amounts as low as $5 can snowball into a massive collective force. During this event we eat pizza, sing karaoke and play games to raise the majority of our budget for the year. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive updates on getting involved in the Triathlon. 

Make a Donation

Your donation is essential.

The EMA Fund is an all-volunteer organization without an office or even a telephone. Our volunteer activists work one-on-one with callers who need help paying for their abortions. And our donors are working one-on-one with us to change people’s lives for the better.
The EMA Fund is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are fully tax-deductible.

Prefer to send us a check? Checks can be made payable to “Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund” and mailed to Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund, 955 Massachusetts Avenue #427, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Need to update your payment method for a recurring donation? Please log-in here. If you have any questions about your recurring donation or your gift to the EMA Fund, please do not hesitate to email us at ask@emafund.org.

What stands between an EMA Fund caller and the abortion they need?

$5 The smallest details: round-trip T fare from Somerville to Brighton
$20 Lack of reliable transit: cab fare from Beverly to Lynn
$40 The need to travel out of state: bus fare to New York City
$50 Blood type: RhoGAM shot for women with RH negative blood
$100 Someone to talk to: EMA Fund’s average monthly phone bill
$175 Misinformation: 1,000 info cards with the EMA Fund’s number
$250 A friend with expertise: a two-day training for 10 EMA Fund activists
$600 High cost of living: average cost of a first trimester abortion in Boston

Become a monthly sustainer

Our monthly donors are critical to our success. Consistent support from each donor ensures that we’ll have the ability to serve the people who call us each month.

Our donation form allows you to set up a recurring donation.

You can also set up an auto-pay from your bank account to the EMA Fund. Usually called “Bill Pay,” this online service is free at most banks and will allow you to create a monthly payment to us, using our address – 955 Massachusetts Avenue #427, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Show your EMA Fund Pride

You can even wear your EMA Fund pride and fight abortion stigma by shopping at the EMA Fund Online Store! Our shop is a great destination for all your feminist gift-giving needs and 100% of proceeds go directly to the EMA Fund. We’re building a movement. Join us!

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