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Abortion Related Resources


The resources below are gathered as part of an ongoing, collaborative effort of the Massachusetts abortion funds to provide our communities with relevant information regarding how to access an abortion and how to de-stigmatize abortions.

Your Massachusetts abortion funds

Read our collective statement on the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health here.

Seeking an abortion? Some resources for you

Learn about health insurance coverage for abortion services in Massachusetts

Where to donate

Pro-abortion best practices

  • Let’s Talk About Abortion from Avow Texas shares some general best practices about talking about abortion! 
  • Things to Think About When Talking About Abortion
  • A quick note: Coat hangers, while a potent symbol of the pre-ROE era, aren’t the appropriate imagery for this moment. With the availability and safety of abortion pills, we’re not “going back;” we’re going forward into a new era with new challenges and modes of resistance. 
  • Avoid gendered language: People of all genders have abortions! 
  • Avoid referencing an abortion “Underground Railroad,” as this not only co-opts the language of a Black women-led movement but also undermines the work of abortion funds and practical support networks across the country!
  • Self-managed abortion is often a safe and reasonable option 
  • Things to Think About When Posting on Social Media
  • Consider and care for your friends and family who may have had an abortion when you post. Avoid describing abortion as trauma or a hard decision
  • Encourage your community to avoid donating to national orgs instead of local clinics, funds, and organizers

Additional resources